The trendiest desserts in 2018! #GodrejFoodTrends2018 #GFTR2018

Foodies are evolving and so are food trends! Strange hunhh? Never thought even food had a trend too? Or do you assume the latest craze for Italian or Mexican cuisine as a whole idea of food trend? Actually, that’s just the part of it. Food trends is the day to day preferences of foodies about various food items and their increasing demands comprises of a food trend. For instance, the recent healthy bowl options that are getting so much common is a growing food trend, while Indo-continental food that we delightfully have is a great food trend and there are much more. Related to these trends, Vikhroli cucina brings out the food trends report each year that has the best prediction done by food experts on diversed food trends and their possibility of getting more popular hence onwards!

Desserts are BAE!

From that large predictive list is the one dedicated to desserts! As they say so rightly, we indians aren’t just ready to desert our dessert! That sweet taste after our normal meal had become almost like an addiction to us. Although those calories do show us the red light, but dare we stop having those sweet taste buds at any cost?


Such are we! Hence I think the prediction of bite sized desserts taking a huge leap in 2018 is highly possible. We are now hung between our cravings for sweet after each meal and the growing fats threatening our healthy routine. So, the Savior here comes in the form of these bite sized positions. The one which are prepared in smaller positions so as to limit the consumption of the same. Such that in the end, we can say, “we had just little dessert after the meal.” And a little less guilt too!


I also feel presentation counts a lot! We have always heard that hindi dialogue,”jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai!” This is especially going to take quite a big leap in the dessert trends in 2018! Food, especially desserts that would look devastatingly tempting. Why? Because I feel somehow with the growing use of social media, we hardly order something to eat it, rather it’s to post it! A story on instagram or Snapchat is all we are concerned of nowadays. In the hussle of posting them on social media platforms, we often tend to forget to enjoy what’s been presentated such beautifully to us! But, again, some people will especially visit that place to enjoy that dessert because it looked so tempting on another’s Insta story! Hence the assumption comes automatically that the taste would be amazing too. So, I personally think there would be an increase in beautifully and uniquely presented desserts largely in 2018.


Healthy desserts are again something that’s going to reign the 2018 food trends. We just read above how guiltless food is important to health conscious foodies. Well, because of this, they’ll definitely choose deserts which consist of healthy ingredients rather than living them off altogether. Just recently, I have tasted innumerable desserts that used honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar, chia seeds being the prominent ingredient in many of the desserts, bananas and berries being included in many desserts and cakes. And not to forget the latest trends having cakes being made up of whole wheat and multi grain flour. Thus, I think even healthy options in desserts are going to dominate over the dessert trend in 2018.


Even indian fusion desserts seem to be a highest possiblilty this year. Did you ever before hear of pani puri or paan or motichoor laddoo flavoured icecream? Well, this is what’s reigning the ice cream world right now. The Indian fusion desserts are getting loved across the nation. People are actually enjoying a rasogulla pastrie. They are loving the idea of having their jalebies being made in Mexican style! Well, that’s another food trend that’ll definitely be seen quite a much in this year.

There may be more trends that are going to get a role in the Godrej Food Trends Report 2018, but these factors are going to effect our food choices and preferences a lot! But whatever the teendlist displays, one thing’s for sure, though we may not the have the habit of having our gargling session after meals, we just cannot quit or sweet toothing session after those meal times!

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  1. It’s very nice that people are trying to make food both tasty and healthy. I agree what you said about deserts, they are just awesome. It’s very interesting how our indian foods are being made in different styles. Loved your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Abhishek


  2. sonam says:

    Awesome post. I so agree with the fact we are looking forward to healthy desserts and surprisingly they are tasty as well. More such desserts with lot of Indianess hopefully in future.


  3. Latha says:

    This is very true… Jo dhikta Hain wohi biktha Hain…
    I love your thought process


  4. Snigdha says:

    So agree with your words ,presentation really matters a lot .


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