5 simple Tips to be an excellent content writer

Best ways to get content writing jobs

As a professional content writer, I get a lot of enquiries about how I go about with this job. There are many aspiring writers trying to ground their career in this field. And why not? Content writing is one of the most creative and budding career nowadays. Since the web marketing and digital marketing is on rise right now, even the demand for a content writer is high. But you should know when to draw a line between your willfully writing and forceful work. But that doesn’t mean you can’t assume it as your regular work. Of course, when you take a job as a content writer, there are going to be some stressful factors in this work as well. The only hint to tackle it is to take it sportingly. Now for more tips about how to start your career in content writing, keep reading.

Tips to become a successful content writer
  1. Find your interest — Unlike other careers, you can’t opt for content writing forcefully. You just won’t be able to pursue writing for a long term basis if you are not interested in this task. Remember, it takes lot of mental attentiveness and creativity plus willingness to write an impactful content for any website. You have to possess that inbuilt love for writing and reading if you want to become a successful content writer. And when we talk about reading, ensure that you read a lot of websites before you start writing of your own. Again, it is important that you find your interest in this writing field as well. Like, some of you are interested in web designing or technology, then you can write about that. For many of you parenting seems a nice issue, you can write about the challenges you face as a parent. If you think food and fashion is your field, then go for it.
  2. Pick up a writing style — Your style is something very characteristic to you. Your personal and particular way of writing and forming words can never be stolen by anybody else. You have to ensure that you pick up a particular style that is only specialised to your content. Like, if you are great in informal or interactive writing, make sure you know how to play with words so that they grasp the attention of your readers instantly. If you think formal writing is your field, then you should arrange them in a specific manner so that they appear very well accumulated in the sentences. Remember, a nice writing style often takes you to the pinnacle of success in content writing.
  3. Have that extra place for practising — You can’t definitely apply for the job of content writing one fine morning to a reputed company. You have to provide them some samples of your work. Well, where will you get that from? You should have an extra place for practicing putting about your content on different matters. You can create your own website on WordPress or other platforms. There are also some sites that accept free guest posts. You can apply to them and provide your content to get featured. When our company ask for your samples, you just have to provide the links to those articles and let them know how you writing style and sentence formations are.
  4. Know what the readers and Google demand — You definitely can’t be a successful content writer if you don’t know what your readers want to read. That is how you land on the search engine optimisation strategy. The Google specially picks up the articles all the content that have the trending keywords and look unique. These are then put up on the top pages of the search engine and that’s how a certain company gets a lot of viewers. Your role here would be to provide that content which brings more readers to the article and ultimately to the website. Well, this requires a lot of study of trending keywords, Google’s updates algorithms and so on.
  5. Never ever provide duplicate content — Plagiarism or providing copied content is a huge crime in this field. Once Google catches your website having a copied content, it will automatically put you back on the ranks. This will definitely not be a great thing if you are hired by reputed company. They are going to bear a lot of loss because of your plagiarism content. So, ensure whatever you are providing to your readers is original, authentic and very much very fine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take references from other websites. Yes, reading about the specific topic on Google and from other websites is alright. When ensure that you are never copying their ideas and content exactly in the same way.

After you have followed these tips, you can apply to various companies demanding a need for content writers. You will get hundreds of groups on WhatsApp and Facebook where content writer recruitment pour in on daily basis. Normally, you are charged per word and it is often a freelancing work. But yes, you can even get tied up with various companies which demand around 3000 to 4000 delivery of words daily will stop in that case, you are in a win win situation.

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  1. These are really great pointers and I will keep in mind.


  2. Great tips for anyone who wants to start out as content writer. Very insightful and informative


  3. Dr.Amrita Basu says:

    You have tabulated great tips for becoming a content writer.


  4. Sweta says:

    I second you as o have been into content writing since quite a while.


  5. Bsonali says:

    Thanks for these tips.These tips very helpful for me.


  6. Aurora M says:

    Yes , Even when we sending samples, we should know what the company exactly looking for.


  7. Agreed! its very important to understand what Google demands


  8. Aesha says:

    Meticulously listed points to begin a career as a content writer.


  9. These are get tips for beginners and good reminders for people who are already in this field.


  10. Adi Sathe says:

    Thanks for such a useful tips! they will come in handy for sure.


  11. Deepti Menon says:

    Content writing is an art, like any other form of writing. Thank you for some great tips in your post.


  12. This post would be a great help to newbie writers. Fifth point, I feel, is the most important one.


  13. Harjeet Kaur says:

    Good tips, Saba. I think I am doing everything right but I don’t know how to market myself or where and whom to pitch. Please help if you can.


  14. Great tips yes with all the efforts originality and authenticity do great for writing.


  15. MeenalSonal says:

    You are right, writing comes naturally and one has to choose the format in which they are comfortable. These are some good applicable tips for all.


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